Dubrovnik is a city on the Adriatic Sea with one of the most ancient town in the world.

This is definitely the most famous tourist destinations on the Adriatic, which are visited by thousands of foreign tourists. Approximately 140 km from Villa Crnjac.


In Medjugorje shrine of the Queen of Peace, One of the most famous in the world.

Top destinacija, it was a spiritual and tourist content. Medjugorje is a small town in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


It contains old bridge, which together with the old town of 2005. The listed World Heritage by UNESCO.

Mostar is a grad u BiH. Located on the banks of the Neretva River and the cultural and economic center, and also the largest city in Herzegovina. Approximately 29 km from Villa Crnjac.



Parish Church
The decorated interior of the church performed the Holy Mass and Prayer Program, during the summer when the number of guests exceeds performed on the outside altar. At the entrance to the churchyard was a statue of the Queen of Peace of white stone, to the left of the statue of St.. Leopold Bogdan, wooden cross on the right under which the pilgrims pray and light candles. Next to the church is governed 25 confessional, this large hall for prayer susrete.
Brdo Ukazanja i Križevac
At the site of the first apparition of Our Lady above the Bijakovići villages Apparitions, there is a apparition hill that pilgrimage station. Cross has become a place where pilgrims go his way of the cross, and discover the Passion.
Dential prayer altar
It was built 1989. year with about 5000 seats that are too full during the summer months and church holidays.
Statue of Our Lady
Predivan stone statue of Our Lady, placed at the entrance to the parish church and the place where many of the faithful gather to pray.

Waterfalls Cow

Waterfall which is located 13 km from Medjugorje, in Studenci near Ljubuški.

It was created Trebizat river. Elevation ranges from the waterfall 26 – 28 meters, with water amphitheater below the falls in diameter 120 meters. Through sedronosna layer from the bottom to the top of the waterfall erupted through the grass, mahovina, i lichen algae. Formerly with the fall were active many mills and stood for rolling cloth. Travertine area around the waterfall Kravice fall into geological monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition to Kravica Trebižat there is a waterfall Koćuša.